June 15: Letters to the editor

Village update

“So how did your week go?” I asked my neighbor. (True story.)

“Well, we discovered bees in the attic, oh and a mouse in the garage.”

Only one? I wondered. “The gardner found a rattlesnake in the backyard-- scary!”

“Oh, yes, we had a baby bunny that got into the house. And we’ve had rabbits frolicking on the driveway at night. We know because they activate our motion detector lights-- on and off, and on and off, over and over.”

“Yesterday morning we discovered a good sized “package” on the driveway. Jose said it was probably a gift from a large coyote or possibly from a fox.”

And your week? Not dull in Rancho Santa Fe.

Still my all time favorite real horse: Arewehavingfunyet?

Brett Dieterich

Rancho Santa Fe