March 2: Letters to the Editor


The McNally Company Antiques: Time to enter a ‘New Season’

“To everything there is a season a time for every purpose under heaven” Ecclesiastes 3 :1. NKJV

After a wonderful 26 years of owning and operating a retail gallery in Rancho Santa Fe, we are entering into a “New Season.” Our time in the Ranch has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling. We have loved so many things during our time here and the best part is all the fabulous people we have met. People who began as clients have become good friends and neighbors.

There are several factors that bring about this “New Season,” the first being the drastic change in our Village itself. There never has been ample parking but now there is none. Since the close of the market over a year ago, we have witnessed a significant reduction in the number of people that come to town. People we speak with say there is no longer a reason to come to town – no shopping, no parking, and they can do their banking online. The variety of people who headed the Association over the years have been very shortsighted in protecting retail in the village. Other communities have been able to find a balance between retail and commercial so both can thrive, yet for some reason we have not even attempted to do so.

Another reason is the change in the antique industry itself. Tastes change and right now our style of antique décor is not popular. The internet has also caused a massive shift in the retail antique business. Instead of coming into a brick and mortar shop people prefer to shop online. These are just some of the reasons that have motivated us to ultimately make the decision to begin to close our retail location after all these years. The fact that we are getting older has nothing to do with it! In order to facilitate this we are having a liquidation sale, until all is sold however long it may take. Our new hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10ish to 4ish.

We are not retiring, no one in the Bible ever retired, but we are just going to do things differently. We plan to continue to buy and sell one piece or entire collections in order to serve the needs and wants of our specialized collectors, clients and designers. We also will continue to conduct on site Estate Sales to assist people in downsizing their homes.

We love our gallery and will miss it and all of you who helped make our time so enjoyable and rewarding. We are however excited to be entering into our “New Season!”

Thank you for your friendship and support over these 26 years.


Connie & Bill McNally