Sept. 28: Letters to the Editor

A $7,000 kitchen remodel

Everyone knows that remodeling your kitchen pays off when it’s time to sell your house. The national average cost for kitchen remodels is around $55,000. What if there was a way to increase your house value by about the same amount that a kitchen remodel would, but it only costs $7,000, and you don’t actually pay anything directly for it?

Well there is! The community’s gigabit fiber network will end up costing each homeowner about $7,000 collected through our Association dues. No extra assessment is needed to fund the network – it is all contained well within the Community Enhancement Fund portion of our dues that we’ve been paying. Our assessments don’t change and we get a world-class fiber network.

The fiber network will make Rancho Santa Fe the envy of the surrounding areas and make us stand out relative to other premium neighborhoods.

Please vote yes, even if you don’t need that new kitchen, I mean Internet connection. It will be a very worthwhile investment.

Phil Trubey

For anyone still on the fence…

…about the fiber optic project: With the top tier of the (dirt) parking lot at the golf club providing the land for the 3-car-garage-size central office building, and the Covenant enhancement/open space fund being, essentially, depleted for the installation, presumably there won’t be any space or money left to even consider the previously proposed club-ruining, community-dividing swimming pool. That is reason enough to back the fiber optics project.

Rory Kendall

Covenant Resident