Sept. 14: Letters to the Editor

Vote “Yes” for installation of fiber optics, and here is why

We are at a crossroads and it is vital Rancho Santa Fe moves forward with the installation of fiber optics. The benefits to all would be those of convenience, speed, safety, and a guarantee into the future.

Increased property values: All residents will enjoy lightning-fast Internet connection. This is essential to residents today as we all run businesses, home life, and school work via the Internet. Prospective buyers are demanding fast Internet and prefer fiber over the sheer number of cell towers it would require to cover our topography with adequate wireless saturation.

Historic preservation: Our Covenant roads are part of the historic cultural landscape designation that RSF was awarded in 2004. It is important that cellular sites from multiple telecom carriers, each with electrical boxes, not rob us of our unique character. Fiber optics is underground and out of sight.

Hooking up to fiber is your choice: Fiber optic system does not use electromagnetic fields (EMF), which some residents prefer to avoid. Fiber gives you options. Once the fiber is outside your driveway you decide how, when and if you wish to hook up. It is your choice. You may connect to fiber via a wired or wireless connection.

Future-proof: A big advantage to fiber over wireless, satellites, power lines, or upgraded cable lines is that it is “future-proof.” The high signal bandwidth of optical fibers provides significantly greater information-carrying capacity. Each generation of wireless becomes obsolete with surprising speed. It is estimated the 5G cell towers being installed every other home in areas like ours will be obsolete in three years, leaving towers with electric boxes the size of refrigerators a blight on our landscape. What will our historic community look like with these towers at the base of almost every driveway because 5G millimeter waves travel such a short distance, they require closely spaced towers. In contrast, fiber optics has a limitless capability and thus remains current and discrete.

Safe and secure: Fiber is more private and less likely to be hacked. It is safer as fiber does not emit sparks or cause short circuits, reducing worries of fires or weather interruptions. Telecommunications equipment is known to invite lightning strikes which can trigger fires. 5G towers now use back-up generators with diesel fuel. Telecom caps their fire coverage at $50,000 per incident. We all know what a fire in Rancho Santa Fe could do to devastate this entire area, given the eucalyptus trees that are both a blessing and, with the risk of fire, a curse. Let’s minimize our risk and maximize our benefit.

Vote “Yes” today! It is our future.

Holly Manion

Because fiber is good for you, that’s why

This week you are being asked to start voting on fiber optics for the Ranch, and I strongly urge you to vote “Yes.” Why? Others can tell you about the speed and limitless capabilities of fiber optics. I am going to share what I know something about, and that is the health risks inherent in trying to bring high-speed Internet to every corner of the Ranch via wireless. The health risks to wireless radiation are both real and deeply concerning.

In May 2016 the National Toxicology Program, part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, released partial results of a $25,000,000 study on laboratory animals which showed a link between RF (wireless) radiation and two types of cancer, prompting the American Cancer Society’s chief medical officer to note that the results “mark a paradigm shift in our understanding of radiation and cancer risk.’’ The NTP study also found DNA breakage in brain cells, confirming multiple studies dating back to 1994.

The NTP study follows the 2011 classification by IARC, the World Health Organization’s cancer committee, of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans. The vote by the IARC committee made up of esteemed scientists from around the world was not even close. It was 29 to 1 to grant a 2b classification. That puts wireless radiation in the same category as DDT. And it’s not just cell phones. This IARC decision places everything on the RF - EMF spectrum in the 2b category. That includes cell towers, and these are what you need in abundance to reach every home with wireless Internet.

With fiber, you can have your cake and eat it, too. You can be connected with lightning speed, and you can do so without risk to your neurological and immunological health.

You hear many people tied to the old physics argument that cell phones and cell towers are safe and do not cause cancer because it takes heat to break DNA. No, that is not true. The NTP study did not use levels high enough to heat, yet they found brain and heart cancer in laboratory animals. The physics model does not apply to biology which is far more complex and nonlinear than any physics model ever can be.

For your sake and the community’s, become informed about the science which you can start reviewing at – and Thousands of studies are being ignored at this planet’s peril, and more germane to RSF, at this community’s peril.

For the sake of all, please vote “Yes” on fiber optics.

Susan Foster

Medical Writer,

U.S. Adviser, Radiation Research Trust (UK),

Honorary Firefighter, SDFD