Community Resource Center calls on community to help support Holiday Baskets program

Lucie Babcock with donations for the Community Resource Center's 38th annual Holiday Baskets program in 2020.
Lucie Babcock with donations for the Community Resource Center’s 38th annual Holiday Baskets program in 2020.

Community Resource Center in Encinitas seeks community partners to help brighten the holidays for struggling local households during its 39th Annual Holiday Baskets event. This year, 900 participating households will receive non-perishable food, fresh produce, a blanket and a family gift box, provided in a drive-thru distribution on Dec. 4. An additional 200 seniors will receive bags filled with thoughtful gifts.

“The holidays are a special time of year, but for many families, they can be anxious times as well: utility bills are higher, warmer clothing may be needed, and gifts for children are high on the list for most parents,” said Community Resource Center CEO John Van Cleef. “While the items we provide at Holiday Baskets help ensure everyone has a wonderful holiday experience, the program also gives low-income households some breathing room, so scarce dollars may be spent on other critical needs such as rent, utilities or healthcare. Holiday Baskets works to ensure families remain in their homes, and that’s an important piece of CRC’s homelessness prevention services.”

Community Resource Center (CRC) invites community members to participate in a number of ways:

Host a drive: Organize a donation drive or virtual fundraiser to help collect items to fill holiday gift boxes for families and seniors.

Adopt-a-family: Register to provide a specific number of family gift boxes. CRC will provide you with the box, which you can decorate and fill with the required items.

Donate: Gifts support CRC’s Holiday Baskets and year-round programs that provide food, housing and shelter.

Partner: Involve your company or organization in giving back this season by becoming a CRC Partner.

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