Village Church Community Theater to hold four-week acting workshop for adults


Village Church Community Theater in Rancho Santa Fe is offering a four-week workshop for all adult actors, seasoned or beginners. The class, led by Pati Reynolds, shall be focusing on understanding each scene in relation to the show and the characters’ relationship with one another, managing pacing, exploring the process of making different choices for your character, having the courage to work outside of one’s comfort zone in a safe environment, facing the challenge of connecting with your scene partner on-line, and taking a deeper look into the relationship between director and actor.


Actors will be expected to learn their lines and meet with their scene partners weekly (online) outside of class time.

There will be a short instructional video to cover that weeks’ topic before each class and questions can be sent to instructor before or after meetings so that class time will be focused on scene work.

The workshop meets Tuesdays, starting Sept. 29 at 7-8:30 p.m. through Oct. 20. Actors will receive a scene and work with a partner to explore their characters and choices they can make individually and together.

Registration is on Eventbrite:

The fee is $40. Scholarships are available so email Pati at with any questions or to request a scholarship. Space is limited but 20-minute segments can be added if needed.