Village Church Profiles of Faith & Work series features RSF businesswoman Deborah Sims

The Village Church continues its Profiles of Faith & Work series this month by featuring Deborah Sims. Sims has been the Principal and wealth advisor of Estate Management Group and Engaging Women in Wealth for over 15 years. She began her career in 1985 with Dean Witter in downtown Los Angeles, after studying at the University of Minnesota. Her goal is to provide financial guidance to women and help them plan for their financial future.

Sims wanted to invest her money after college but quickly discovered the world of financial planning was cold and hard to understand. She decided to create an environment that was friendly and welcoming for all future clients.

Sims encourages all young people looking to invest to start sooner rather than later. “70 percent of Americans will die without a will or living trust. Everybody puts it off, saying ‘I’ll do it next year,’” explained Sims. “There are countless benefits to starting your financial planning early. Start investing.”

The Profiles in Faith & Work 2017-2018 video series shares the public witness of 12 Village Church members who live out the Christian faith in their workplace or in retirement as a way to inspire all and to show the many ways the faith can be lived. To view other videos in this series, visit villagechurch,org/profiles-of faith.

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