Local school board member shares parenting information on Facebook

Julie Union
Julie Union Amy Connor Photography

Solana Beach School Board member Julie Union enjoys sharing pertinent articles to support parents through the twists and turns of modern day parenting. The Facebook page Parent Education Connection began in 2014 and currently has over 400 followers.

“When I have faced rough patches in parenting or wanted to learn more about a current trend, I would research online and find interesting articles. Knowing the material would be helpful to others is what led to the start of Parent Education Connection” Union shared.

Parent Education Connection’s purpose is to inform, enrich and inspire parents with a balanced approach of articles on a wide range of topics: from difficult subjects to heart warming and motivational posts.

“We are all in this together!” is a common theme and the value of community support and encouragement is a constant that runs throughout the Facebook page. For more information, go to

Parent Education
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