Foster teens of San Pasqual Academy are celebrated at a special Graduation Lunch

A Graduation Lunch
A Graduation Lunch was held for the foster teens of San Pasqual Academy. Many individuals and organizations purchased items for all the graduates, who not only are leaving their school, but also their home. This is a very emotional time for them and they were very appreciative of the caring support they received. Pictured are Friends of San Pasqual Board members (l-r): Kathy Lathrum, Andrea Reynolds, Teri Summerhays, Lois Jones, Debby Syverson and Joan Scott, who coordinated the Graduation Lunch.
(Friends of San Pasqual Academy)

Graduation is a very special time for individuals who are about to begin a new chapter in their lives, as they leave their high school and embark on a new journey. For the foster graduates of San Pasqual Academy, this is a very different, emotional and unsettling time as they leave a place that has provided stability, a nurturing environment where they are not moved numerous times to different homes and were able to participate in “normal” high school experiences, such as sports, proms, school events, holiday parties and even a Grad Night at Disneyland. A Graduation Lunch was hosted by supporters of Friends of San Pasqual Academy, a 501 (c) 3 organization, who have been caring for the foster teens of San Pasqual Academy for over 22 years.

The graduates were recipients of many gifts that were purchased or created by numerous individuals and organizations. National Charity League members, coordinated by Kathy Flathers, assembled laundry baskets that contained laundry products, cleaning products, a shoe bag, snacks and a gift card for each graduate. Helping create these wonderful laundry baskets were Vicki Minteer, Diane Dale, Helga Fazio, Kathy Flathers, Shannon Nguyen, Natalie Arnett and Shana Di Lauro.

Teen Volunteers In Action, headed by Chad Ross, provided personalized duffle bags that contained sheets, towels, hygiene items, an alarm clock and other useful items. Hand-made quilts were created for each graduate by talented quilters of El Camino Quilt Guild.

Friends of San Pasqual Academy members and supporters provided a roller luggage bag filled with a blanket, hand-made quilt, hair dryer, toaster oven, sheets towels, tool kit and a blender. They also received a George Forman Grill, a computer backpack, their senior portraits, a laptop computer and a printer, which were also purchased by Friends of San Pasqual Academy supporters.

The foster teens were overwhelmed by the continuous community support. They are now more prepared and equipped with these many useful items that will help them start their new journey, after graduation. Friends of San Pasqual Academy also is providing scholarships to all graduates to continue their education, whether it is a college or trade school.

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