Teen Volunteers In Action continues to support foster teens of San Pasqual Academy

Teen Volunteers In Action
Teen Volunteers In Action presented a check to Friends of San Pasqual Academy for the purpose of purchasing uniforms and shoes for the boys and girls track team members at San Pasqual Academy. (L-R) Kathy Lathrum, Chad Ross and Andrea Reynolds. Ross is the president of Teen Volunteers In Action, San Diego 1 Chapter, and is pictured with board members of Friends of San Pasqual Academy.
(Copyright of Friends of San Pasqual Academy)

For foster teens, sports play a very important part in their lives. Many have been moved from one foster home to another, have attended numerous schools and have not been able to stay long enough in one school to participate in sports. San Pasqual Academy has changed this, providing a safe, permanent, stable home, where foster students live and attend school in a nurturing environment. Their football team recently won the Manzanita League, and both girls and boys basketball teams were also Manzanita League champions. A Sports Awards Banquet, hosted by Friends of San Pasqual Academy, recognized these accomplished athletes and coaches. It is a very special event, where for many, it is the first time they were able to be part of a team and receive this well-deserved recognition.

Track season has started and Friends of San Pasqual Academy continues to support the athletic programs at San Pasqual Academy. A donation of $5,000 was made by Teen Volunteers In Action members for the track uniforms and athletic shoes for all the track team members. They also plan to provide items for all the graduates of the Class of 2023. For the past 12 years, Teen Volunteers In Action members have provided a personalized bag that has each graduate’s name embroidered on it. These bags are filled to the brim with useful items that will be valued when they leave San Pasqual Academy. Towels, sheets, pillows, hygiene items and more are some of the items they give to each graduate. The foster teens greatly appreciate this wonderful gift and especially knowing that so many people care about them.

Friends of San Pasqual Academy has been caring for the foster teens of San Pasqual Academy for over 20 years. They currently are planning a prom and graduation. All graduates receive a scholarship to further their education, whether it is for college or a trade school. Past graduates have attended UCLA, San Diego State, Cal State San Marcos, National University, San Francisco State, Cal State San Luis Obispo, Humbolt State, San Jose State, Sacramento State and various community colleges, to name just a few. Some have gone on to obtain master’s degrees and teaching degrees.

If you would like to support the foster students of San Pasqual, donations can be sent to Friends of San Pasqual Academy, PO Box 8202, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. Thank you to all the generous individuals and organizations that care about these wonderful foster teens. Their lives have been changed due to their support.