Torrey Pines High School math department gets a second IT boost from San Diego Korean Parents Association

At the SDKPA donation to TPHS Foundation
At the SDKPA donation to TPHS Foundation (l-r): Jin Hwa Lee (SDKPA), Heesu Lee(SDKPA), Zephyr Fletcher (TPHS Foundation executive director), Robert Coppo (principal of Torrey Pines High School), Tae Yang Cho (president of SDKPA), Jihyun Kim (SDKPA), Soyeon Lee (SDKPA)
(Courtesy of Zephyr Fletcher)

For the second year in a row, the Torrey Pines High School Foundation accepted a donation from the San Diego Korean Parents Association (SDKPA) in support of sophisticated computer technology for Torrey Pines High School’s math students. The grant continued to fund a software program subscription, called GoFormative, which has supported 17 TPHS math teachers and all of their students since COVID19 began.

The platform has allowed for students’ growth to be tracked by the teacher, has improved team functionality, and made student math assessments easy to analyze. Not only was the math department able to provide students with a better distance learning experience, it has also been an incredibly useful tool for students during in-class learning on campus. Teachers have been able to collaborate with each other to edit common assessments and instantly release information back to students. Teachers have also been able to invite other colleagues to join the class to co-teach students and share data and ideas. Beyond these advantages, the program also has anti-cheating software, auto-grade, and a library of formative and common assessments that have made answers and results known instantaneously in the classroom.

“I can’t tell you all the ways this program has improved functionality in all of our math classes. For instance, when kids are testing, I can see what problems they have done and offer support as they go,” said teacher Josh Mihalinec. “I’m not even telling you how it helps us make assessments.”

Recently the San Diego Korean Parents Association celebrated its 10th anniversary. With membership over 34% in Carmel Valley, its contributions made to Torrey Pines High School Foundation over the last 10 years have made a big impact on education.

“We are incredibly grateful for SDKPA and their understanding of our student’s need for extraordinary computer software programs that will help to improve our students’ math skills while helping teachers efficiently assess and test,” said TPHS Principal Rob Coppo.

Alexa Scheidler's TPHS math classes using GoFormative.
Alexa Scheidler’s TPHS math classes using GoFormative.
(Courtesy of Zephyr Fletcher)

The San Diego Korean Parents Association is a non-profit organization established in 2012 by volunteer Korean parents within San Diego County. SDKPA organizes and supports various events and activities designed to help children of Korean heritage to thrive. More than 850 family members are actively engaged in the SDKPA’s programs such as Book Club, Math Club, Benefit Concerts, Youth Workshops, informational seminars and so on. The SDKPA has also donated to many public schools in the San Diego area to contribute to the community since 2013 as the SDKPA highly values public education. “What we would like to achieve through our donations is to help create a supportive environment for students of different heritages to interact and learn from one another,” commented Heygene Sung, vice president of SDKPA.

“Our missions, TPHS Foundation and SDKPA, are very similar in that we are striving to enhance youth educational experience to achieve personal growth and development,” TPHS Foundation Executive Director Zephyr Fletcher said of the organizations. “We are grateful for associations, such as the SDKPA, that understand the importance of providing opportunities for adolescents to reach their full potential as individuals.” — TPHS Foundation news release