Future Legends now accepting scholarship applications for 2022

Future Legends and RSF Association members (l-r) Norma Wiberg, Greg Jackey, Julie Kelly, Gina Steele and Vearl Smith
Future Legends and RSF Association members (l-r) Norma Wiberg, Greg Jackey, Julie Kelly, Gina Steele and Vearl Smith

The Future Legends Scholarship Program, which selects deserving high school seniors meeting its criteria, has entered its second decade as a top scholarship and mentorship program. Future Legends encourages scholars who meet the criteria to apply as enrollment is now open.

Criteria for deserving scholars include those who: 1) Are U.S. citizens and whose parents, grandparents or guardians reside in the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant; 2), Parents, grandparents or guardians who are currently employed by or retired from RSF Association, RSF Golf Club, RSF Tennis Club, RSF Riding Club, RSF School District, RSF Foundation, RSF Fire Department, RSF Water Department, The Osuna or ProKids. Additionally, deserving scholars of retired business owners, retired employees of the previously mentioned groups, as well as individuals currently employed by nonprofits located in the RSF Covenant, are eligible to apply. Applications, available to both graduating high school seniors as well as college graduates pursuing a master’s or doctorate degrees, are being accepted through March 15 at

“An idea whose humble beginnings started on a golf course and expanded at the retirement party for RSF Golf Club pro Chuck Courtney, the Future Legends Scholarships Program is shaping the next generation of leaders,” stated Vearl Smith, chairman of Future Legends. “We look forward to reviewing applications and meeting those scholar leaders through our 2022 scholarship application process.”

About Future Legends

Future Legends is a Rancho Santa Fe-based 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing mentors and financial support to deserving high school seniors embarking on college education. In addition to academic support, Future Legends also provides life skills training, empowering scholars through its emphasis on both education and values. Founded by Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club in 2012 honoring retired Head Professional Chuck Courtney, the program sponsors scholars studying a wide range of majors including but not limited to the arts, biochemistry, computer sciences, medicine, business and law at colleges and universities throughout the country.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Future Legends Scholarship and Mentorship program has enabled 23 young men and women to actively pursue four-year degrees. In addition, two scholars are currently enrolled in medical school and law school.

With a 100% graduation rate to date, Future Legends attributes its success to the mentorship program which pairs scholars with qualified mentors within their field of interest and study. The result is a deep connection that provides personal and professional support to its scholars.