Future Legends adds new mentors to guide scholars

New Future Legends mentors (l-r) Brad Galvan, Heather Manion, Steve Moreland
New Future Legends mentors (l-r) Brad Galvan, Heather Manion, Steve Moreland

The Future Legends Scholarship Program, which selects deserving high school seniors meeting its criteria, recently announced mentors for the three scholars selected by Future Legends in 2021. Scholars are paired with mentors who provide guidance, support, career insights and networking. Matching the skills, background and experience of the scholars to the mentors has contributed to the success of the program and is reflected in a graduation rate of 100 percent.

The three students awarded scholarships for this year achieved a 4.3 percentage or higher, completed honors classes, participated in sports and extracurricular activities, and demonstrated leadership within their respective high schools and peer groups. Each exhibited initiative, determination and commitment. The scholars selected in 2021 are Ethan Lee, Caleb Kapusinski and Andrew Knight.

Ethan Lee is directing his studies towards computer science, and is drawn to an involvement in robotics; he has been paired with Brad Galvan whose background includes 30 years as a federal agent with the US Department of Justice and a mentor/advisor to Foreign National Police Forces, helping them to develop robust and effective counter-terrorism programs.

Caleb Kapusinski’s mentor is Heather Manion. Manion’s background in business, the military, medicine, real estate, and community service maps well to Kapusinski’s current course of study as a business administration major at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.

Andrew Knight’s interests include economics, law, management and golf. He is being mentored by Steve Moreland whose career encompassed 30 years as a radiologist, managing the Radiology Department at Scripps Memorial Hospital as well as serving on boards. Moreland was mentored by peers in radiology and has a desire to give back. Knight and Moreland share a love of sports and the outdoors, as well as being highly motivated.

The key differentiator of the Future Legends Scholarship Program is the relationship scholars form with their mentors, ”Mentors provide the professional background that assists scholars in moving forward in their careers —as well as a personal interest and outside opinion that guides the scholars throughout their collegiate experience,” stated Vearl Smith, chairman of Future Legends.

According to Eric Manese, president of Future Legends, “Mentor involvement is one of the most critical aspects of the relationship with our scholars. We are indebted to our new mentors Brad, Heather and Steve for the commitment they have made to these scholars. From our experience over the past 10 years, we know that it will empower them to become future legends.”

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