Spirit of Liberty Foundation holds Yellow Ribbons for America event in RSF

Boy Scouts Colin Crowder and Ben Wohlwend
Boy Scouts Colin Crowder and Ben Wohlwend hold a poster that commemorates the 13 service members killed in Kabul on Aug 26, 2021. Beside them are yellow ribbons that serve as a reminder of the service members who remain in Afghanistan.
(Jon Clark)

Yellow Ribbons for America, created by the Spirit of Liberty Foundation, is a grass roots campaign to display Yellow Ribbons across America and remind all Americans that there are hundreds of Americans stranded in Afghanistan including the 27 students from Sacramento, according to a Spirit of Liberty Foundation news release.

The first Yellow Ribbons for America event was held on Saturday, Oct. 16, in Rancho Santa Fe where nearly 100 trees were decorated with Yellow Ribbons by Boy Scouts and others who wanted to show their heartfelt support and commitment to always bring all Americans – civilian and members of the Armed Forces in foreign lands — home safely.

Additionally, a dramatic America’s Heroes banner depicting a painting of the 13 brave soldiers who lost their lives in Kabul on Aug. 26 was carried by Boy Scouts. The America’s Heroes banner also featured 13 gold stars to honor each of them. The banner will also be carried by veterans down the National Mall in Washington, DC, stopping at the memorials honoring the Armed Forces on Veterans Day, Nov. 11.

Similar Yellow Ribbons for America events are being organized in communities across the U.S., so fellow Americans are never forgotten.

The background of the Yellow Ribbons and America embracing it took place in 1979, when Penelope Laingen tied a yellow ribbon around a tree in the front yard of her home to show support for her husband Bruce, one of the 52 hostages held in Iran for 444 days.

Ever since, a yellow ribbon has symbolized support for Americans and U.S. Armed Forces stationed overseas for their safe return.

Displaying a Yellow Ribbon symbolizes the spirit of liberty, solidarity, and freedom.

“Today, Yellow Ribbons mean even more ... 16 American missionaries have been taken hostage in Haiti,” said Spirit of Liberty Foundation Founder and Chairman Richard Rovsek in the news release. “All Americans and churches should display Yellow Ribbons until they return home safely.”

The Spirit of Liberty Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Rancho Santa Fe. For more, visit — Spirit of Liberty Foundation news release