Future Legends Ambassadors mentor new scholars


The Future Legends Scholarship Program, which provides financial support to deserving high school seniors meeting its criteria, recently announced its Ambassadors Program. The Ambassadors, scholarship recipients who have completed their undergraduate education, will be mentoring current scholars as well as incoming new scholarship recipients, guiding them as they take on new challenges associated with their university experience.

Mentoring has always been both a key component and differentiator for Future Legends Scholarships, as each scholar is paired with at least one mentor whose professional experience maps with the interests and field of study each scholar is pursuing. These mentors are associated with the scholars throughout their college education and beyond —including graduate school if the scholar elects to continue his or her education.

The second level of mentoring, conducted by Ambassadors, continues the support and guidance of the industry mentors while also sharing their own experiences as recent college graduates. Steven Sakara is co-chair of the Ambassadors and a 2016 graduate of Baylor University. According to Sakara, “The power of Future Legends and its mentorship program is that it provides another perspective and support beyond what scholars receive from their parents. That relationship sets Future Legends apart from any other program, as the guidance it provides is a source of stability that may not exist otherwise.”

Those sentiments are echoed by Future Legends Ambassador and Co-Chair Jessica Kim. “I appreciate the mentoring I received as I pursued my interest in medicine. Future Legends has helped me to become more outgoing and shown me how to build relationships. Having mentors has created a more structured experience for us as scholars. As an Ambassador, it provides an opportunity to help others and give back,” she added.

The Future Legends scholarship and mentoring program provides a life-changing experience. The combination of financial support along with personal guidance ensures that scholars develop a range of skills that enhance their entire collegiate experience and assist them as they move to make a meaningful difference and become future legends.

Future Legends is a Rancho Santa Fe-based 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing mentors and financial support to deserving high school seniors embarking on college education. In addition to academic support, Future Legends also provides life skills training, empowering scholars through its emphasis on both education and values. Founded by Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club in 2012, the program sponsors scholars studying a wide range of majors including biochemistry, chemistry, computer sciences, pre-med, public health, psychology and law at colleges and universities throughout the country.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Future Legends scholarship and mentorship program has enabled 20 young men and women to actively pursue four-year degrees. In addition, two scholars are currently enrolled in medical school and law school.

With a 100% graduation rate to date, Future Legends attributes its success to the mentorship program which pairs scholars with qualified mentors within their field of interest and study. The result is a deep connection that provides personal and professional support to its scholars.