Future Legends and RSF Rotary Club commemorate fifth anniversary of alliance


The alliance between the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club and Future Legends is pleased to acknowledge that its first sponsored scholar, John Horvath, has graduated from San Diego State University. On behalf of Future Legends, Vearl Smith and the Rotarians Susan Callahan, Luis Carranza, Beverly Robinson and Michael Taylor were instrumental in the establishment of the Alliance which enabled Horvath to attend the college of his choice. Four additional scholars, currently attending San Diego State University, Gordon College, UCLA and UCSD, will be graduating in 2022 and 2024.

“The scholarships, mentorship and additional services provided to scholars within this alliance create a foundation rich in ethics, citizenship and leadership skills, enabling the recipients to succeed in academics, careers and their lives,” stated Norma Wiberg, director of Partnerships and board member, Future Legends. “As importantly, and a huge differentiator in the scholar’s success, is the commitment of a mentor to each scholar for his or her academic journey.”

Mentors are selected based on their education and backgrounds— and it is their experience that enables them to provide the guidance and assistance, socially and professionally, that scholars need to be successful. “For John Horvath, the mentorship of Beverly and Coach John Robinson was instrumental to reaching his goals of a degree, then a career, in sports management and broadcasting,” Wiberg concluded.

John Horvath had always loved sports, playing basketball, volleyball, baseball and soccer in high school. He interviewed for a scholarship, applied to Future Legends and was introduced to Future Legends Founding Chairman Vearl Smith. Horvath then met Beverly and Coach John Robinson who chose to become his mentors.

“When you have people who are there for you both personally and professionally, donating time and effort to help you be successful, it motivates you every day,” stated Horvath. “In other programs you get money, but that’s all. Having mentors means you have the opportunity to develop relationships to last a lifetime. The Robinsons have been like parental figures for me, while also giving me an ‘outsiders’ opinion. The relationship aspect is what separates Future Legends from all other programs,” added Horvath.

With the 2021 selection process for new scholars recently announced, the Future Legends board and Selection Committee is currently in the process of appointing primary mentors for each of the three scholars selected as recipients of this alliance. In conjunction with the RSF Rotary Club, Future Legends’ goal is to be the finest scholarship and mentoring program in the country, shaping the next generation of leaders.

Future Legends is a Rancho Santa Fe-based 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing mentors and financial support to deserving San Diego high school seniors embarking on college education. In addition to academic support, Future Legends also provides life skills training, empowering scholars through its emphasis on both education and values. Founded by Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club in 2012, the program sponsors scholars studying a wide range of majors including computer sciences, medical, psychology and law.

Scholars are mentored by leaders in various industries including Rancho Santa Fe Rotarians.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Future Legends Scholarship and Mentorship program has enabled 20 young men and women to actively pursue four year degrees. In addition, two scholars are currently enrolled in medical school and law school.