Two plus-size orphan pets seek forever homes and fitness goals

Helen Woodward Animal Center orphan pets Nalani and Sebastian have big dreams and big weight loss goals.
Helen Woodward Animal Center orphan pets Nalani and Sebastian have big dreams and big weight loss goals.

Two orphan pets have arrived at Helen Woodward Animal Center and the pair are making a major impression. The 5-year-old Collie/Corgi blend named Nalani and the 5-year-old domestic shorthair cat named Sebastian are both nearly twice their ideal weight. Both were found wandering the streets in different areas of Southern California and both arrived via rescue partners. Now the Center hopes to find each of them a new home and a new fitness routine that will bring them health and happiness.

It cannot be argued that Nalani and Sebastian are bigtime adorable with loving personalities to match. Their extreme size, however, is causing both orphan pets severe discomfort. Nalani arrived weighing in at 74 pounds and Sebastian boasted a weight of 25 pounds. How they got to these sizes, which nearly doubles their ideal poundage, is a mystery but the challenges they are facing are evident. Neither one can move comfortably, get up easily, walk for long distances, or even climb stairs. Nalani has such a challenge walking, she is often moved via cart to get her to important medical appointments.

“It’s important to remember that overfeeding our pets is another form of mistreatment,” explained Helen Woodward Animal Health Manager Angelica Otero. “It sets them up for heart and joint problems and digestive diseases later in life, and robs them of the ability to do all the things dogs and cats enjoy so much. They love to play and explore and climb up beside their owners. Nalani and Sebastian both look sad when they realize they can’t greet new people because they can’t get up.”

Both Nalani and Sebastian have begun their weight loss journeys at Helen Woodward Animal Center. Each have been put on special diets and are being encouraged to get more active. Nalani has even been partaking in swim classes twice a week with her foster family, who also take her on small walks around the block as she builds her stamina back.

Nalani is currently seeking a new family and is available today. Sebastian will go available soon.

“Pets are truly the best friends humans can have,” stated Woodward Public Relations Manager Fernanda Lopez. “They want to do everything we do. Maybe there is someone out there who wants to get into better shape themselves and they’ve been looking for a fitness buddy. Nalani and Sebastian would be happy to get healthy with you! And they’ll love all over you to let you know you’re doing a great job too.”

For more information on Helen Woodward Animal Center or to adopt Nalani or Sebastian, visit or call (858) 756-4117 x313.