Rancho Santa Fe Golf Course Renovation: Team Summit Meeting

Construction Summit Team
Construction Summit Team: Gabriel San Juan, Landscapes Unlimited; Brent Harvey, Brent Harvey Consulting; David Smith, Golf Projects International; Nick Schaan, DMK Golf Design; David McLay Kidd, DMK Golf Design; RSF Golf Club Board President Blair Nicholas; Interim General Manager Shanon McCarthy; Director of Agronomy Tom Huesgen; Director of Golf Michael Jack; Interim Golf Course Superintendent Kevin Carroll; Eric Wolfert, Landscapes Unlimited; Dave Linngren, Landscapes Unlimited; Mark Mahady, Mark Mahady & Associates

(Jon Clark)

The renovation of the Rancho Santa Fe golf course is well under way with the initial work focused on the new irrigation system on the front nine. The team overseeing and participating in the renovation project held an in-person Team Summit at RSF Golf Club over April 14 – 16, in which the entire renovation project, timelines, construction progress and goals were discussed, according to a RSF Golf Club news release.

Following the Team Summit meetings, Blair Nicholas, president and Green Committee chair, said, “RSF Golf Club has put together an unrivaled team of top-notch professionals to bring the Golf Club’s vision into reality. This is an absolutely critical and major investment in our future as a Golf Club and we could not have assembled a more dedicated and talented team to deliver a membership experience that represents one of the finest golf courses in America.”

The progress on the course renovation is continuing on the anticipated timeline and golf members have adjusted to playing the back nine and utilizing the practice facilities while the project work on the front nine continues through mid-July.