Appreciation expressed to Friends of San Pasqual Academy for their commitment to foster teens

Pictured are board members of Friends of San Pasqual Academy
Pictured are board members of Friends of San Pasqual Academy, who have been caring for foster teens for over 20 years. Seated in the front row are Teri Summerhays, Karen Ventura and Kathy Lathrum. In the back row are Dagmar Helgagar, Andrea Reynolds, Joan Scott and Lois Jones.


The average foster teen has attended five different high schools by the time he or she reaches their sophomore year. Many have been moved to 30 different homes during their time in foster care. Many siblings are separated and not able to reside together, while in foster care. Many foster teens drop out of high school in order to provide for themselves or their siblings. San Pasqual Academy has changed this cycle. It is a school and home that provides a stable, safe and nurturing environment, where foster teens can heal from abuse and neglect and go on to become productive individuals. Siblings are able to stay together at San Pasqual Academy. For over 20 years, these foster teens and alumni have been supported by Friends of San Pasqual Academy, which is a 501c3 volunteer organization.

To provide each foster student a birthday cake and gift, emergency clothing, school supplies and more, were the first priorities of Friends of San Pasqual Academy, when it first was formed. Over the years, they now provide support for athletic, academic, music, art and agricultural programs. Proms, sports banquets, leadership workshops, holiday parties, graduation festivities and other activities are also sponsored by Friends, who wanted to create “normal” high school experiences for the foster teens.

College scholarships, tuition and continuous post-graduate support are a key part of Friends of San Pasqual Academy’s funding, since over 70 alumni are currently attending trade schools, colleges and universities. Some of the foster alumni have attended UCLA, Cal State San Marcos, San Diego State, Long Beach State, San Jose State, San Francisco State, Humbolt State, Sacramento State, Cal State Fullerton, Miracosta, Palomar, Southwestern and other institutions to further their education. Some have gone on to attain teaching credentials and master’s degrees, all supported by Friends of San Pasqual Academy donors. Many return “home” to San Pasqual Academy, during the summer and on holiday breaks when the dorms are closed. Due to the pandemic, many are currently remaining at San Pasqual Academy in transitional housing, that has been made possible by the supporters of Friends of San Pasqual Academy.

Generous donors and wonderful supporters have all made caring for the foster teens at San Pasqual Academy possible. They have made these very vulnerable foster children a priority and have been committed to changing lives, through their donations to Friends of San Pasqual Academy. They are not “just foster kids,” they now can say “I am an athlete,” “I am a college student,” “I am a musician,” “I am the first in my family to graduate” and many other identities that they have become. All made possible through the efforts of many.

Board members of Friends of San Pasqual Academy were recently presented a letter of appreciation from the Academy Director, Tia Moore. The contents of this letter describes what Friends of San Pasqual Academy means to the foster teens and staff at San Pasqual Academy:

Dear Friends of San Pasqual Academy,

I would like to show appreciation for your ongoing commitment and support to the students and staff at the Academy. Your “Heart” logo is a true representation of the love, compassion and altruistic spirit you express to us all: and the moniker, “Friends of San Pasqual Academy,” is a true embodiment of everything you exemplify. If I were to speak of every act of kindness and every life you’ve touched, the words would never stop. Because of your generosity, San Pasqual Academy continues to be a unique place. You all have made it possible for our students to be exposed to things far beyond the scope of what is considered normal for youth in the foster care system. The personal regard you show towards our students and their wellbeing cannot be ignored, nor can your continuous efforts to enhance the quality of life of each student at the Academy. Despite the toll this pandemic has taken on us all, you continue to show up, being a consistent friend in an unstable time. For these acts and countless others, I say “Thank You.”

With Gratitude,

Tia Moore

Academy Director

Friends of San Pasqual Academy continues to improve and change lives. For more information, visit Donations can be sent to Friends of San Pasqual Academy, PO Box 8202, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. Thank you to all the generous donors and caring supporters that make many things possible for the foster teens of San Pasqual Academy.