Rancho Santa Fe resident helps promote nonprofits country-wide through popular article


As the COVID-19 pandemic worsened, a Rancho Santa Fe resident thought of a way to develop a list of nonprofits that help some of the most vulnerable people and were in need of immediate support.

Khaki Wennstrom

“I came up with this idea to write an article called ‘We Are All in This Together,’ which is very relevant to the times of coronavirus,” said Khaki Wennstrom, a realtor with Raser Real Estate Group in RSF and a Rancho Santa Fe native who moved back to the neighborhood two years ago from Connecticut.

The article includes a long list of people from all over the country in many different industries who wanted to show support for nonprofits they have a strong connection with.

Artwork by Donald Robertson was included in the article that highlights the various nonprofits in need of support.

“I started getting the most incredible people who wanted to lend their voices to the nonprofits they supported,” said Wennstrom, adding that she was able to tap into the network she’s developed over the years to find people who wanted to participate.

Some of the bigger names included in the article are “Hamilton” star Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote in support of the Hispanic Federation, and Oprah Winfrey, who mentioned her foundation and the multiple nonprofits it helps support.

“From Broadway stars to fashion designers to editors of Vogue magazine, everyone was talking about what nonprofit they were supporting,” Wennstrom said. “It was really a beautiful thing to see.”

After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the list expanded to include people who support nonprofits that address social justice issues.

The article, co-written by Wennstrom, says, “There has never been a more powerful moment in history that has launched so much hopeful change, which is why we decided to do another round of the article.”

Some of the social justice-oriented organizations mentioned in the article include The Bail Project, Color of Change and Okra Project.

“What I think it really speaks to is their hearts,” Wennstrom said, recalling the conversations she had as she asked people to be a part of the article. “They didn’t ask me who else was on the list or how many followers I had or what my engagement is, or anything like that. They just really wanted to lend a voice, and I think that’s what it’s all about right now, everyone being kind, loving and wanting to help.”

She added that “the support and the feedback I have received has been absolutely phenomenal.”

“You can make an impact no matter where you are in the world,” Wennstrom said.

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