Helen Woodward Animal Center finds big love in two very different packages

Woodward Center

A new furry family member is waiting for adoption at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Throughout the pandemic, Helen Woodward Animal Center has continued (and even ramped up) efforts to save lives from over-burdened shelters near and far. The increase in adoptions throughout the crisis has been a clear reminder of the way orphan pets can provide comfort, laughter, and solace in uncertain times. Two recent transport arrivals at the center, however, have highlighted another important truth about everyone’s furry friends — that love comes in all sizes.

Helen Woodward Animal Center adoption staffers recently welcomed arrivals from the California Central Valley as well as Galveston, Texas, where area rescue groups requested assistance finding shelter for high-risk orphan pets. Both deliveries revealed the expected abundance of beautiful faces and heart-warming hopes for securing the perfect forever homes.

Not quite as expected, however, the transports also produced two canines of the most extreme size differences to arrive at the center since its founding. First to arrive from Central Valley was a tiny Chihuahua blend puppy named Hickory, at only 1.8 pounds. Not far behind him from Galveston was 3-year old Anatolian Shepherd blend, Benny, weighing in at 110 pounds. Although Hickory and Benny were breeds and literal states apart, the two dogs revealed themselves to have one thing in common.

“I think the thing that struck us all was how over-the-top affectionate both dogs are,” explained Helen Woodward Animal Adoption Services Manager Dora Dahlke. “Hickory is so tiny that he can crawl into the nape of your neck and just snuggle there. Benny is so big that he’ll get up on his hind legs and wrap his arms around you in a giant hug. They look so different but they have one simple thing in common: they both have endless love to give.”

Benny and Hickory are both now available for adoption. Helen Woodward Animal Center encourages those seeking a pet to save a life and receive some very big love in return.

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