Protecting dental patients during COVID-19 a priority

Clayton Cooke, DDS, Dentistry in the Ranch

Clayton Cooke, DDS, Dentistry in the Ranch offices are now open and provide several new infection control strategies to further protect patients from COVID-19.

Clayton Cooke DDS uses enhanced protocol for best health


Patients of Dr. Clayton Cooke, Dentistry in the Ranch, have experienced the highest level of care and cleanliness in his office for many years. When COVID-19 began affecting society, this well-respected professional knew he wanted to go “above and beyond” what changes the governing agencies would require in reopening dental offices.

Dr. Cooke’s offices are now open and several new infection control strategies have been implemented to further protect his patients from the illness.

“We want our patients to feel very safe, comfortable, and well-served,” Dr. Cooke said. It is important, he said, that patients know the exceptional care they have always received is enhanced even further with the added safety precautions.

When an appointment is made at Dr. Cooke’s office, the patient is asked a series of questions to rule out any possible concerns, but newly added steps provide even better information.

“We not only check each patient’s temperature upon arrival at the office, but we also test their oxygen level,” said Dr. Cooke. Patients have asked how an oxygen reading is useful.

“The normal oxygen range is between 90 and 100,” he explained. “If a person’s upper respiratory health is attacked by COVID-19, it causes a reduction of oxygen flowing through the lungs. A low oxygen reading is an indication and a red flag that the pulmonary system is in stress.” Hence, this can be an indicator of the presence of the virus that otherwise might not be noticed as soon.

Prior to receiving treatment, patients are given a specialized mouth rinse that provides a unique cleaning opportunity prior to their procedure.

Cleaning of the surfaces inside the office are done with new, special disinfectants and protective plastic is used to completely isolate the surfaces in order to greatly reduce any chance of cross-contamination.

Dr. Cooke and his staff members wear the N95 mask in addition to a protective shield and a hair covering. “We are providing dual protection between the patient and the clinician,” Dr. Cooke explained. They all also wear disposable lab coats as these provide a “superb way of not leaving behind any living cells on fabric.”

Enhanced protection does not stop there. Dr. Cooke has also provided an environmental element to address airborne contaminants.

“It is to insure that the airflow within the operatory is completely free of virus due to a constant air purification system. “ This particular state-of-the-art system is said to circulate the air in each operatory (treatment room) as well as running it through an ultra-violet disinfection attachment with a HEPA filter.

“The air is then released back into the operatory free of bacteria and virus particles,” said Dr. Cooke. “I have our systems running 24 hours a day, seven days a week to insure the safety of our patients as well as our staff members.”

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