CCA student hopes her positive messages will stick with teens

CCA sophomore Karina Parikh created a line of stickers with positive messages for teens.

Canyon Crest Academy sophomore Karina Parikh recently created her own enterprise called Stick 2 You, a line of stickers that aims to promote self-confidence in teens.

Karina believes that accepting one’s self-value is something that teens struggle with every day and it’s her hope that her stickers will find homes on teenagers’ water bottles, laptops, backpacks and luggage to serve as a reminder to stick to their own journey and appreciate their self-worth.

Stick 2 You stickers decorate a water bottle.

Karina was inspired to start Stick 2 You through her participation in PALS (Purposeful Action Leaders/Listeners) at Canyon Crest Academy, where she works as a student leader to promote well-being and facilitate student connectedness. She was also pushed by her participation in a Whatever It Takes (WIT) class, a course that fosters social entrepreneurship and leadership for high school teens.

She noticed the trend of stickers with her fellow classmaters and she thought she could create something that could be positive and encouraging. She came up with four designs: Accept You, Create Opportunities, Endless Possibilities and Choose You.

“The stickers remind teens to stay positive and keep moving forward even though sometimes life can be stressful and things don’t always go your way,” Karina said. “At school, a lot of people are stressed and discouraged because of all of the pressures they are facing.”

Karina, who is also a varsity tennis player, is selling the stickers through Instagram @stick2you_ and on campus. She said it makes her feel good to see her stickers all over her campus and she was thrilled to recently see her Choose You sticker on one student’s car.

With the proceeds from her sales, she plans to host an event centered around teen wellness.