Two loving brother and sister puppies get a new home

Art and Sheri Armenbdariz with the happy pups.
(Helen Woodward Animal Center)

Two puppies who captured hearts around the world have a new home.

Sheri and Art Armenbdariz of Encinitas adopted Star and Denver on Friday, March 13, at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe.

The two 3-month-old terrier blends are a special pair of pups. Star is deaf and nearly blind, and her brother Denver acts as her guide and caretaker. Their story went viral around the world in February.

Tracy Woodworth, assistant manager of the adoptions animal care program at Helen Woodward, said last month that she has never come across such a relationship.

“It is very unusual. Thanks to Denver, Star is just charging ahead with life,” Woodworth said. “The only other story I can think of that came close didn’t involve sibling pups. There were these two adult Chihuahuas who were very close and one was blind, so they went as a pair.”

Star, Denver and three of their siblings arrived at Helen Woodward on Feb. 11. They were among a litter of puppies born to a dog in Louisiana that was found dumped in a rural area.

A couple adopted the mother and cared for her pups until they were weaned, then sent the puppies to the Heart of Louisiana Humane Society for adoption. Because there aren’t enough homes for abandoned animals in that area, Heart of Louisiana sent 31 puppies to San Diego for adoption in February.

An anonymous donor surprised the adopting couple by covering the adoption fees, and Blue Buffalo Pet Food gave the family a year’s supply of dog food, the animal center said in a news release Friday, March 13.

Helen Woodward is providing specialized training by Rob Kuty from San Diego Pet Training, and the animal center’s staff presented a giant card signed by everyone who worked with Star and Denver, and gave them a basket filled with toys.