Eric Johnson Roof Systems has successfully built hundreds of roofs in RSF

Owner Eric Johnson of Eric Johnson Roof Systems

If Eric Johnson Roof Systems sounds familiar, it could be you’ve seen the company’s white trucks with blue signage driving around Ranch Santa Fe. Or it could be that you’re living under one of Johnson’s roofs. After all, owner Eric Johnson has built more than 700 roofs in Rancho Santa Fe since he started his business in 1990.

“I graduated from University of San Diego back in 1985 with a business degree,” Johnson explains. “I worked my way through college working on metal-roofing projects. Once I was out of college, I knew I wanted to start my own roofing company.”

Johnson says his company does a mixture of new construction and re-roofing projects on existing buildings. His company just completed re-roofing the Fairbanks Ranch Equestrian Center and is also working on one of the largest new construction job sites in Rancho Santa Fe, although he wouldn’t say which one.

Johnson employs a team of 15 roofers and foremen – most of whom have worked for him for 10 years or more. “This makes for a very knowledgeable group of individuals who strive to install roofs to the highest possible standards,” says Johnson.

Johnson’s quality craftsmanship is highly sought after and he’s usually booked out on projects months in advance. “My reputation is all I have,” he says. “I just want to be known as an honest roofing contractor who cares about what he does.”

For more information on Eric Johnson Roof Systems, call 760-802-9832.

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