Mother and daughter team launch premier luxury escrow service in Rancho Santa Fe


Rancho Santa Fe Escrow just opened its doors in March. Headed up by the mother and daughter team of Jennifer Sherwood and Tessa Flechsenhaar, the firm has 48 years of combined escrow experience behind them.

Sherwood worked for other title and escrow companies for most of her career before deciding to break out on her own. The decision came after a life-changing event brought clarity to her personal mission. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and after several years of treatment, then recovery, she was ready to take the next step.

Sherwood explains how she started in the escrow business: “I graduated from Laguna Beach High School at 17, took a one-year business course and graduated from that in three months. I bought a condo in Carlsbad at 18 and moved from Laguna Beach, wanting to go to law school. However, I had an older friend suggest an entry-level job in escrow in order to pay the bills, and I’ve never left. I’ve always had a fascination for real estate and interior design, so the two seemed to go together and here we are.”

The personal touch is definitely a priority for Sherwood when dealing with clients. “I have always believed that it is best to take care of any problem right away which, in the long run, saves hours of time and also puts the client’s mind at ease knowing that questions can be answered at any time. Also, we go to clients in the evenings and on weekends when necessary to sign documents of any kind. I have always believed in the personal touch and getting to know the buyers and sellers in order to help with the stress of buying and selling. I get numerous calls after hours asking me to help problem-solve which I get the most joy out of.”

The escrow business has changed dramatically from when Sherwood started her career. She remembers typing on a Selectric typewriter and balancing escrow accounts with a pencil and a 10-key calculator. However, she sees her low-tech experience as a plus. “I was able to really learn all the nuances of this business since there was no button on a computer to hit for the answer. I am able to explain everything to clients because I know the reasons why versus just hitting this or that key on a computer.”

Sherwood also points out the level of documentation has increased tenfold, but she strives to keep things simple and straightforward for her clients.

Sherwood’s portfolio includes a wide variety of projects, including land acquisitions, multi-million-dollar estates, bank buildings, apartment complexes, starter homes for first-time buyers, and horse ranches. “I don’t treat anyone differently from anyone else,” she explains, “as it is my goal to make everyone feel good about the escrow experience that I was able to give them, which gives me great satisfaction.”

Rancho Santa Fe Escrow is fully licensed by the Department of Business Oversight which holds it to a higher standard in both experience and trust accounting practices. Sherwood’s daughter and partner, Tessa, is a notary public which helps in streamlining the escrow process.

Sherwood is all about helping others attain their dreams. “I am passionate about helping anyone and everyone obtain their new homes. I feel I bring an immense level of knowledge to the table which allows me to come up with answers to problems. I like to see and fix a problem before anyone even knows it was there.”

Rancho Santa Fe Escrow is located at 6033 Paseo Delicias, Suite J, in Rancho Santa Fe. For more information, you can call them at 858-771-9140 or email them at

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