NCL San Dieguito Chapter Kick-Off Meeting

The National Charity League (NCL) San Dieguito Chapter’s Combined Mother/ Daughter Annual Kick-Off Meeting was held Sept. 20 at the AMN Healthcare building in Carmel Valley.

Donations to various organizations were collected at the event. NCL’s San Dieguito Chapter has made it a “tradition to support our Philanthropy Partners with donation drives. Our collection efforts run throughout the year and encompass a huge range of items gathered and donated to those in need. Each class year in the San Dieguito Chapter has at least one Focus Philanthropy with which they work closely toward the dedicated goal of providing as much care, time, and items necessary to benefit those in need and to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the important work that charity does for our community. This month, the Chapter’s Philanthropy team has organized a multi-faceted donation drive to coordinate with some of the class years’ Focus Philanthropies, as well as other philanthropies in immediate need.” Just some of the philanthropies for which the Chapter gathered items are as follows:

Kick-off Class Collections:

7th Grade Class of 2021: Rady Children’s Hospital / Ronald McDonald House

8th Grade Class of 2020: Friends and Family Community Connection

9th Grade Class of 2019: Women’s Resource Center

10th Grade Class of 2018: San Diego Rescue Mission

11th Class of 2017: Hidden Valley House

12th Grade Class 2016: Senior Wellness Center

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Photos by Jon Clark.