Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici reception held at Del Mar Country Club

A VIP private reception was hosted June 12 by May Zawaideh and Alexander Salazar in honor of Prince Lorenzo Maria Raimondo de’ Medici at the Del Mar Country Club in Rancho Santa Fe. The invitation was extended to patrons of the arts from San Diego, Mexico, Orange County and Los Angeles.

Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici is the descendent and heir to the famous Medici dynasty of Florence. The Medici family were a legendary political dynasty and banking family, which later became a royal house. Among them were four Popes and two queens. Being the wealthiest and most influential family in Europe during the Renaissance period, they supported the art of Michelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and many more.

The 39-year-old Prince engaged the guests with his family’s stories in his charming Italian accent and great sense of humor. He shared how as a passionate artist he is reviving the Renaissance images of the portraits of his ancestors into contemporary paintings filled with iconic messages and representation of detail that perpetuates their immense legacy.

Prince Lorenzo is a multi-lingual historian, a Great Magister in the Knights Order of San Martino in Rome, a modern trendsetter with an MBA in fashion design and luxury goods from Bologna University, and an expert in Italian food. He shared his secret tiramisu recipe with Chef Tommy at the club who masterfully created it for the guests as the final course coupled with Italian music and song.

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