Operation Game On’s 15-Inch Cup Challenge


The 15-Inch Cup Challenge — presented by Operation Game On — took place Jan. 25 at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club. The driving range was the backdrop for this second annual event – which featured four distances ranging from 50 to 125 yards; with a 15-inch cup instead of the typical 4.5-inches. Every hole-in-one paid cash prizes.

Funds raised at the event will benefit Operation Game On, “which gives returning combat-injured troops suffering from physical and mental disabilities a very special custom intro-to-golf package. More and more troops are returning home with life altering combat injuries.” Operation Game On “is honoring their sacrifice by introducing them to golf. Why golf? Doctors say golf provides both mental and physical rehabilitation that rapidly allows them to regain confidence to enjoy an active lifestyle again.”For more information, visit

Photos by Jon Clark. For photos online, visit