‘Future Legends’ volunteers honored


Founders of the “Future Legends Scholarship” program thanked volunteers for making a recent Graduation Celebration and golf event a dynamic success.

Steven Sakara was also recognized as the first college graduate of the “Chuck Courtney Honorary Scholarship Fund,” established in 2012 by the RSF Golf Club. Steven expressed his sincere appreciation for the financial support allowing him to attend and graduate debt free from Baylor University. He values most, however, the relationships developed and support received through a very special future legend mentoring program, chaired by Jim and Beverly Boyce.

Currently there are eight scholars attending their university of choice. Each year the grants committee, chaired by Anne Feighner McCarthy, carefully reviews applications and selects two financially challenged and deserving scholars who receive four-year college scholarships.

A power point presentation was made about the history and future of this unique scholarship program with volunteers and leadership that think outside the box. For example, announced was a very special 9-11 music event featuring “Songwriting with Soldiers,” a USO program dedicated to assisting veterans fulfill their passion for music. The 2017 event will be held outdoors at the RSF Golf Club. Other community organizations and nonprofits will be given an opportunity to join “Future Legends” volunteers and participate in this community event.

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