‘Engaging Women in Wealth Introductory Workshop’


Deb Sims and the Estate Management Group held the first of the “2016 Engaging Women in Wealth Workshops” on Jan. 13 at the RSF Golf Club.

“We are thrilled so many women have responded with such enthusiasm and are excited to take the challenge and prioritize getting their finances in order in 2016,” said Sims.

In addition to the Introductory Workshops, Sims and the Estate Management Group will also offer personalized workshops and events featuring “exciting speakers” in 2016 at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club.

Engaging Women and Wealth was launched in 2015 and “exceeded all expectations with the goal to encourage each and every woman to feel confident about her personal finances.” “As we all know, life-crises happen and in an instant we can be forced to take charge. This is why educating and engaging women in their wealth has become my passion. It is my mission to empower and inspire women to give them confidence and identify their values and purpose in life,” Sims said. Sims added that her focus is to create a friendly environment where women feel excited and engaged about their wealth.

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