Rancho Santa Fe residents Dave and Cathy Austin serve troops during Celebrate America’s Military event


RSF residents Dave and Cathy Austin, along with their Extreme Focus team, were in San Antonio, Texas the week of Nov. 7 during the Celebrate America Military event to bring their “Beast Training” to active duty military and veterans. The two-week celebration is held during the month of November (

It all started last year when Dave, a “Mental Performance” coach, worked with the Army Rangers at Fort Benning in Georgia. Dave’s company, Extreme Focus, is best known for the work it does with professional and Olympic athletes, but his international #1 bestselling book “Be A Beast” has given him the opportunity to bring this unique training to corporate America as well, and now the U.S. military.

This led to several meetings at the Pentagon and developing a strategy to bring the “Beast Training” to more military installations.

“I couldn’t think of a better way to spend Veterans Day than serving those who serve us,” Dave said.

The plan is to bring the training to installations throughout 2017. Extreme Focus Magazine is also coming out in January, filled with inspiring stories of amazing achievements and is free to all military personnel and veterans. In working closely with the Soldiers For Life program, the Austins have learned how transitioning from military life into civilian life brings on many challenges. The magazine is aimed to inspire those that are transitioning through real-life stories intertwined with the training.

Dave’s dad served as a Navy Chaplain in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He was on the first boats that hit the beaches at Iwo Jima giving communion in the foxholes during that fierce battle. “I know my dad’s hand is in this work and I am glad to carry this torch” Dave said.

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