Foster teens thankful for support of Friends of San Pasqaul Academy members, donors and volunteers

As Friends of San Pasqual Academy enters into its 15th year as a nonprofit, volunteer organization, it is truly amazing to realize what a profound, positive impact the organization’s members have had on the lives of the many foster teens that have entered the doors of San Pasqual Academy. Their greatest accomplishment is the relationship that has developed with the foster teens of San Pasqual Academy. It took time, but the students feel that they can count on the many supporters and volunteers and realize that these individuals really do care about them. They have been a very stable force in their lives.

Here is an example of one foster teen’s input about Friends of San Pasqual Academy. “John” is a graduate of San Pasqual Academy and currently attending college, due to donors’ financial and emotional support. Below is “John’s” speech that he delivered to the many members and supporters of Friends of San Pasqual Academy:

“Mother Teresa once said, ‘Kindness is a language we all speak. Even the deaf can hear it and the blind can see it.’ The Friends of San Pasqual Academy have been true friends of the Academy since its beginning. People like Friends of San Pasqual Academy know exactly what service above self really is. They understand the gift of giving, the gift of a smile.

“These individuals dedicate their time to finding ways in which to contribute to our everyday needs here at the Academy. With big hearts of love and care, they have extended their hands to provide us with the opportunities that many students in America do not have. They are our super heroes. What they have done for the Academy will be forever in our hearts. These men and women represent all that is care and give love and kindness a whole different meaning.

“Helen Keller once said, ‘It gives me a deep comforting sense that things which are seen are temporal and things unseen are eternal.’ The things that Friends of San Pasqual Academy have offered, will always be with us. Because a family like that can never be forgotten.

“So, thank you very much to Friends of San Pasqual Academy. We appreciate you for the heroes that you are and for the courage to help the Academy grow.”

Board member Teri Summerhays states, “We want to thank all Friends of San Pasqual Academy members, donors and volunteers, who have made this significant ‘difference’ possible. We look forward to continuing our successes at San Pasqual Academy due to your dedication to these deserving foster teens. We are so grateful for such wonderful support for our foster students.”

If you would like more information on Friends of San Pasqual Academy, please call 858-759-3298 or e-mail Friends of San Pasqual Academy is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. Please visit Donations can be sent to Friends of San Pasqual Academy, P.O. Box 8202, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, 92067.