Rancho Santa Fe Foundation ends year with successful campaign: The 35 for 35 Challenge


The results from the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation’s 35 for 35 Challenge, which ran from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, 2016, are in. This giving opportunity was created by local donors in honor of the organization’s 35th anniversary, matching funds dollar-for-dollar for up to $35,000. These donations ultimately went to the RSF Foundation Community Impact Fund.

This fund, started in 2006, has turned local vision into action throughout San Diego County by granting more than $1.6 million to 67 nonprofits in San Diego to date. Rancho Santa Fe residents Molly and Mike Gregoire offered this short-term matching challenge to empower the Community Impact Fund to do even more moving forward.

In the two months that the 35 for 35 Challenge ran, 26 individual donors gave a total of $33,285. With the dollar-for-dollar matching, this number was doubled for a total donation amount of $66,570 to the Community Impact Fund. The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation is very grateful to all the donors who contributed to make this a successful campaign and the amazing gift they have made possible - more community impact grants to the San Diego region.

The Community Impact Fund is supported by donors who want to use their collective donations to address critical challenges throughout the community. With so many needs and nonprofits in our community, it’s often overwhelming for donors to choose projects to fund. With the expertise of staff and directors, the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation can help direct funds to the most strategic needs.

The money raised during the year-end campaign will make possible even more impactful grants in 2017 and future years to come. The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation is focused on a collective effort to address community needs and challenges in a collaborative way. Interested individuals can learn more and join the solution through the website at

The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation works alongside donors and partners to create a stronger philanthropic community in Rancho Santa Fe and San Diego. It provides a stable, tax-advantaged financial structure, for both individual donors and organizations, for the stewardship of philanthropic funds with a mission to serve the community. — Submitted press release