RSF Pro Open Cocktail Party


The RSF Pro Open Cocktail Party took place May 26 at the RSF Tennis Club. The event kicks off the RSF Pro Open, a USTA pro circuit event, which runs May 29-June 4 at the RSF Tennis Club, and is the opener of the SoCal Pro Series.

The SoCal Pro Series tournament is a $15,000 pro event for future pro players, funded by the USTA and Southern California Tennis Association. The May 26 event featured men, women and mixed doubles tennis. The players in the exhibition match included: Women’s: Rachel Lee, Solymar Colling, Ali Herrero, Filipe Bruu-Syversen; Men’s: Ethan Schiffman, Alex Stafford, Hudson Rivera, William Kleege. Another component to the evening was taking the opportunity to introduce the Title Sponsor for the RSF Open 2023, TaliMar Income Fund.

Photos by Jon Clark