RSF Education Foundation hosts mother-son event


The RSF Education Foundation hosted its annual mother-son event March 3 for all R. Roger Rowe School students K-8. The event was a kickball tournament for mothers, sons and other special family members and friends to participate in friendly competition with and against each other. The participants were treated to popsicles and snacks at the afternoon event. The successful event was organized by Katie Crecion, Courtney Svajian, and R. Roger Rowe’s own Coach Julie Green.

This year the RSFEF has pledged to raise $1 million for the district. RSFEF annual fundraising provides approximately 9% of the district’s operating budget and is the second largest source of revenue for the district after property taxes. The RSFEF annual grant helps fund the district’s individualized instruction, enrichment offerings, and specialized teachers with advanced credentials for all K-8 students. For more information about the RSF Education Foundation, contact RSFEF Co-Chair Kate Butler at

Photos by Jon Clark