‘Ivan Smith Exhibition Tennis Match Fundraiser’ held at RSF Tennis Club


The “Ivan Smith Exhibition Tennis Match Fundraiser” was held at the RSF Tennis Club Dec. 3. The event was held to raise funds to help Ivan Smith, a local tennis player who suffered several severe injuries including paralysis to his spine in a car accident earlier this year on his way to practice on a collegiate tennis team. The funds raised will assist Smith with his extensive medical bills.
The event was organized by Woody Yocom and John Chanfraeu, and sponsored by the Nakashima family, CH CourtTech, Keith Greener, Rick Jensen, Jack McGrory, and Tom Savides.

The event included a singles match that was a rematch of the 2022 San Diego Open between Brandon Nakashima and Marcos Giron, and a doubles match with James Blake, Brandon Nakashima, Marcos Giron and 19-year-old Zachary Svajda.

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Photos by Robert McKenzie