Chabad RSF holds ‘Mommy and Me Summer Fun’ event


Moms and tots recently joined the Chabad Jewish Center of Rancho Santa Fe for a “Mommy and Me Summer Fun Session” with Pammy’s Traveling Petting Zoo.

The toddlers enjoyed petting the many bunnies, chickens, sheep and a goat, followed by a music sing-along with children’s favorite farm hits. They also had an opportunity to do the chicken dance! In addition, guest author Carine Chitayat read her newly published book titled “Pablo” about her sweet pet Pablo, the Basset Hound.

The children learned the two signs of a kosher land animal: chewing their cud and split hooves, which Gittel, the goat, demonstrated. Chabad RSF says a “Big thank you to Pam and Ellen from Pammy’s Pony Parties and Petting Zoo and Carine Chitayat for a wonderful experience.”

To learn more about Chabad RSF’s Mommy and Me program and upcoming events, email