Fairbanks Ranch Equestrian Center hosts Buckaroo Day


Oh what fun was had on “Buckaroo Day” at Fairbanks Ranch Equestrian Center!

Jasmin Stair Stables put on a fantastic event for Fairbanks residents between the ages of two and a half and eight.

On June 20, Father’s Day, young Fairbanks Ranch residents got the opportunity to ride horses and ponies in the arena at Fairbanks Ranch Equestrian Center.

The weather was cool and breezy and the children’s smiles brought the sun out from behind the morning clouds.

Amoret Witcher was one of the youngest riders at two and a half years old but she rides like an old hand and that’s only one of her many talents and activities.

Mom and Dad (a.k.a. Jouet and Dan Witcher) enjoyed a relaxing Sunday morning away from their good work at Coastal Oral and Facial Surgery in Solana Beach.

And what about Lady Chloe Levy? At four years old, she’s a natural on horseback with a smile that inspires everyone. Dad Clayton Levy says horsemanship skipped a generation and Chloe gets her natural love for horses from his mother.

Kyla Miller had just turned seven the day before the event and she looked ready to ride in her bright-pink helmet. Kyla and Ella, the pony, looked as though they were good friends by the end of the ride.

Max Novikov wanted to make sure he rode the “Big” horse, so he and Ricky (the “Big” horse) made a terrific pair, even trotting around the arena like a pro. Parents Katie and Dennis, who moved the family to Fairbanks Ranch two years ago, couldn’t be happier that their boys Max and Alex have the opportunity to see and interact with horses in their very own neighborhood.

And finally, twins Cole and Kayla Bassham, at six years old, waited ever so patiently for their turn to ride and by the looks on their faces, it was worth every minute of the wait. Mom and Dad, Solveig and David, got some great photos of their riders to go along with the happy memories surely following the fun.

All participants had a great time, and the event is going to take place again in July so stay tuned and come participate in Buckaroo Fun at the Fairbanks Ranch Equestrian Center.