Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund holds Grant Celebration


The Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund Grant Celebration took place May 11 at a luncheon held at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club. This year the RSF Women’s Fund presented more than $300,000 in grants to 10 local charities.

The Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund (RSFWF), which was started in 2004, captures the generous spirit of women who live in the Rancho Santa Fe area of the county. Every member contributes $2,300 to the fund each year, and all the money is donated every year to select recipients. RSFWF has granted more than $4.4 million over its 17 years. The vetting process of candidate organizations is rigorous, with members of RSFWF spending seven months pouring over the grant requests to see which are the most worthy. This year the two focus areas for grants are “Education and Economic Development” and “Children and Youth.”

Since Covid started many organizations have had more demand for their services, less funding and the challenges of meeting needs virtually. The grants they receive are significant resources for their continued service in the community. For more information, visit