Part 2 of 3-Part Series: RSF Historical Society ‘Coffee In The Courtyard’


The Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society’s second of three 2019 Speaker Series events took place Sept. 21. The event’s speaker, Steve Anthony, is a landscape architect and has years of professional experience in growing and developing new plants, as well as creating designs for residential and commercial landscaping. The highly-attended presentation by Anthony highlighted the evolution of plants with a focus on many “world class drought-tolerant plants” that exist today.

In addition to learning about the evolution of the planet and how plants adapted to changing conditions, the attendees had an opportunity to ask Anthony specifically about what it takes to plant a “water wise” garden, which plants to use and how to care for them. Anthony was available to answer questions about the La Flecha House’s own water wise garden plants, and about the unique plants he brought with him for display. During the presentation, a slide show ran in the background exhibiting Anthony’s magnificent, creative landscapes designed and installed over recent years.

The RSF Historical Society’s third speaker presentation will be held Oct. 12, on the topic “Chinese Contribution to the Transcontinental Railroad” with renowned speaker Dr. Russell Low. For reservations, please go to or call 858-756-9291.

Photos by Jon Clark