RSF residents host San Diego Adobe Heritage Association meeting


The San Diego Adobe Heritage Association is an organization whose mission is to inspire the appreciation and understanding of adobe heritage in San Diego County.

Members of the group meet monthly to share information and knowledge. The June meeting was held Friday evening, June 21, at the home of Steve and Helen DiZio in Rancho Santa Fe. (Photos of attendees at that meeting are on this page.)

According to Helen DiZio, it is “thanks to founders Tom McCoy and Alexa Clausen the first Adobe home tour in this area was in 2011. Tom had grown up with the Weir family, the most prolific mid-century adobe builders locally and was quite aware that there were many adobes in the area. Actually, Escondido has the highest concentration of Adobe structures anywhere in the country outside of New Mexico.

“Alexa, a retired state historian for California State Parks whose projects included historic preservation, knew the architectural and historical importance of the adobe to the California culture. Together, Tom and Alexa formed The Adobe Home Tour which is produced by the San Diego Adobe Heritage Association.

“Adobe homebuyers are attracted by the building material’s unique look and practicality. Adobe homes were environmentally friendly well before green became a popular trend, as most of the homes were built with the bricks made on site or very close by and the thermal properties of Adobe mean that the homes use less energy for heating and cooling. Adobe homes range in size from very modest to very grand.

“To date, there have been eight tours and 50 homes or adobe buildings on the tour. The proceeds support the Escondido History Center.”

If you own an adobe and are interested in learning more about the group, the tour or sharing your experience of adobe living, go to

Photos by Jon Clark