Willowcreek-Bridgewater July 4th Parade
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Willowcreek-Bridgewater July 4th Parade

The Bryd and Bertino families (McKenzie Images)
Matt, Allison and Emily Cowling (McKenzie Images)
The Guest family (McKenzie Images)
The Lowery family (McKenzie Images)
The Fradkoff family (McKenzie Images)
Encinitas firefighters were a favorite target (McKenzie Images)
The Chonka family (McKenzie Images)
The Shafiee family (McKenzie Images)
The Hines family (McKenzie Images)
Encinitas Fire Dept. Captain Dan Phin, Firefighter Robby Williams, with children from the neighborhood (McKenzie Images)
The water balloons were no match to the fire hose (McKenzie Images)