USO San Diego’s 77th Annual Stars and Stripes Gala
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USO San Diego’s 77th Annual Stars and Stripes Gala

Mike Ryan, Penny Robbins, Carole and John Kerr (Vincent Andrunas)
Jeff Mueller, Sandy Redman, Lucy Burni, Tony Khalil (Vincent Andrunas)
Dr. Reid Abrams and Micki Olin, Martha Dennis, Kathryn and Don Vaughn (Vincent Andrunas)
Papa Doug and Geniya Manchester, Linden Blue and Ronne Froman-Blue (RADM, USN, Ret.), Victoria and Lorin Stewart (he’s USO San Diego CEO)  (Vincent Andrunas)
Judy White, Gigi and Brad Benter, Doreen Schonbrun (Vincent Andrunas)
Yancy Lindsey (RADM, USN; Commander, Navy Region Southwest), Fern Murphy (USO San Diego past chair), Gene and Emmanuelle James (he’s USO San Diego board chair), Renee and Jason Woodworth (he’s COL, USMC)  (Vincent Andrunas)
Clinton Walters, Alison Beck, Mark Larson (emcee), Kristi Pieper, Vince Heald, Carol Clark (Vincent Andrunas)
Curt Jones (CAPT, USN), Emily Cathey (CMDR, USN), Joanne and Terry Gordon (he’s CAPT, USN), Tera and Chris Fitzgerald (he’s CMDCM, USN)  (Vincent Andrunas)
Dr. Steve and Lynne Wheeler, Stella and Duane Dier (Vincent Andrunas)
Erise Korican, Tersesa Castiglione, Ken and Lynn Weixer (Vincent Andrunas)
Dan and Barbie Spinazzola, Roberta and Malin Burnham, Risa Baxter, Denny Sanford (Vincent Andrunas)
Peter and Karen Daboll, Karl Martin (GSGT, USMC), Adrienne and Emanuel Falzon (Vincent Andrunas)
Gala co-chairs Stephanie Brown, Arlene and Richard Esgate, Jeanne Jones, and Reena Horowitz; Hélène and George Gould (title sponsor), Una Davis and Jack McGrory (he’s Protector of Freedom honoree) (Vincent Andrunas)
Duane and Stella Dier, Dr. Steve and Lynne Wheeler, Phyllis and John Parrish (Vincent Andrunas)