USO Gala
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USO Gala

Gala co-chairs George and Helene Gould and Richard and Arlene Esgate; Gary Sinise (honoree), Gala co-chairs Reena Horowitz, Jeanne Jones, and Stephanie Brown; Ernest Rady (honoree)

 (Vincent Andrunas)
Melody and Capt. Brien Dickson, Victoria Stewart, Chaplin Joel Newman, Emily Teel, Bobby and RhodaAnn Woods (he’s director, USO Neil Ash Airport Center) (Vincent Andrunas)
Lenny and Tammy Magill, Bonnie and Robert Bernstein, Jacquie and Michael Casey (Vincent Andrunas)
Dan Moore, Diane Clark, Dixie and Ken Unruh (Vincent Andrunas)
Maxwell and Katie Bush, Katherine and Robert Barton (Vincent Andrunas)
Gala co-chairs: George and Helene Gould, Richard and Arlene Esgate, Stephanie Brown, Reena Horowitz, Jeanne Jones (Vincent Andrunas)
Bob and Maggie Watkins, Jon and Dee Ammon, Connie and Phil Conard (Vincent Andrunas)
Danny Kelly and Ovie Cowling, Margaret Maio, Jan Reital, Sherrie and Phil Napierskie (Vincent Andrunas)
Bob and Donna Allan, Marilyn and Kim Fletcher (Vincent Andrunas)
Jessica Cline, Zandra Rhodes (Vincent Andrunas)
Jessica Cline, Zandra Rhodes (Vincent Andrunas)
Bob and Diane Modrzejewski (he’s Medal of Honor recipient), Chris and Brig. Gen. Ryan Heritage, Cathy and Nick Monroe (Vincent Andrunas)
Ron McMillan, Sharon Smith, Ellen Bryson, Joyce Gattas, Laurnie and Tom Durisoe (Vincent Andrunas)
Dan and Barbie Spinazzola, Jim and Vangie Regan, Mary Ann Beyster, Jim Beyster (Vincent Andrunas)
Gayland Smith, Carol Towne, Sandra and Dr. Jeffry Schafer, Mary Ann and Edward Bosanac (Vincent Andrunas)
Paul Robinson and Trudy Stambok, Dottie and David Stanley (he’s US Army, Ret.) (Vincent Andrunas)
Bob Salt and Patti Judd, Andrea Davidson, Pradeep Khosla (UCSD Chancellor) (Vincent Andrunas)
Dr. Leonard and Betty Kornreich, Jeri and Richard Rovsek, Judy White, Brad Benter (Vincent Andrunas)
Richard and Jeri Rovsek, Abigail and Lt. Col. Philip Peche (Vincent Andrunas)