The Country Friends hosts ‘Havana Night’
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The Country Friends hosts ‘Havana Night’

Michael Arritola, Melissa Wilkins, Beatrice Snider, Mark Weatherup (Vincent Andrunas)
John and Jolene Davidson (she’s CF board member/Human Care Funding), Marci and John Cavanaugh (she’s CF second VP/Human Care Funding) (Vincent Andrunas)
Steve and Katherine Atkinson (he’s 10 News anchor; event emcee) (Vincent Andrunas)
Jytte and Dr. Lawrence Leventhal (Vincent Andrunas)
Tom and Vee Tabor (she’s with Center for Community Solutions, an event beneficiary) (Vincent Andrunas)
Carl and Vicki Zeiger (she’s a board member with A Step Beyond, an event beneficiary), Janean and Tim Stripe (she’s CF treasurer/CFO) (Vincent Andrunas)
Fred and Laura Applegate, Sarah and Steve King (Vincent Andrunas)
Zoltan and Annterese Toth, Jennifer Perkinson and Giles Mullen (the ladies are with Merrill Lynch, event sponsor) (Vincent Andrunas)
Bill and Connie McNally (longtime CF supporters) (Vincent Andrunas)
Hudson and Mary Drake, Esther Rodriguez, Tamara Lafarga-Joseph (CF board member) and Roger Joseph (Vincent Andrunas)
Brett and Emily Hassig (she’s chief development officer for Promises2Kids, an event beneficiary) (Vincent Andrunas)
Les and Deborah Cross (he’s CF Capital Campaign president; she’s CF First VP and immediate past president; both are event sponsors), Andrea Naversen Wait (CF 2019Art of Fashion chair) and Dwight Wait (Vincent Andrunas)
Sophia Alsadek, Terri Chivetta, Carrie Woodland, Kim Smart (Vincent Andrunas)
Dr. Michael and Lindsey Rossi (she’s Mrs. San Diego County and a CF member) (Vincent Andrunas)

Luis Carranza (event co-chair), Suzanne Newman (CF president), Lauren Reynolds (event co-chair) and Brian Connelly

 (Vincent Andrunas)