The Country Friends 2nd Annual Legacy Brick Unveiling
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The Country Friends 2nd Annual Legacy Brick Unveiling

Meghan Parsons, Cheri Salyers, Terri and Charlie Chivetta (McKenzie Images)
Dwight Wait and Publicity Co-Director Andrea Naversen, next to the brick honoring Dwight’s recently departed mother (McKenzie Images)
Les and President Deb Cross cut the dedication ribbon (McKenzie Images)
Lauren Reynolds, Luis Carranza, Jill King (McKenzie Images)
Consignment shop volunteer Barbara Osinski, Jere Oren, volunteer Joyce Oren with Quinn (McKenzie Images)
Third Vice President Yvette Letourneau, Maggie Bobileff, Philippe Enzler and Camila Pizarro (McKenzie Images)
Bonnie Wright, outgoing events manager Donna Ahlstrom, Amber Yoo with Quinn, Maggie Bobileff, Terri Chivetta (McKenzie Images)
Country Friends outgoing President Deb Cross, incoming President Suzanne Newman, incoming Events Manager Christine Byrne, outgoing events manager Donna Ahlstrom (McKenzie Images)
Les and President Deb Cross, Publicity Co-Director Andrea Naversen and Dwight Wait (McKenzie Images)