SEAL Family Foundation ‘Families First’ San Diego Dinner Gala
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SEAL Family Foundation ‘Families First’ San Diego Dinner Gala

Matthew and Lara Jenusaitis, Eric and Heather Iantorno, Laura Kreiss, David Perez (Vincent Andrunas)
Duncan and Karen Smith, David Hansen, Alyce Fernebok, Allison Smith, Hans Walsh (Vincent Andrunas)
Kevin and Gabriela Kent, Kelsie Bieser, Andrew Arrabito, Samantha and David Swarts (Vincent Andrunas)
Navy SEAL Ethos (on a plaque mounted on an oar that was each table’s centerpiece) (Vincent Andrunas)
Bill Fenick (SFF executive director), Cindy Axelson (SFF program director), Nicole and Brent Gleeson (event chairs), Courtney Murphy, Craig Irving (SFF chairman emeritus) (Vincent Andrunas)
Bob Rohrbach, Ruth Lim, John and Megan Parma, Tammy and Lenny Magill (Vincent Andrunas)
Jim and Wendy Guscette, Jeff and Karen Burges, Hélène and George Gould (Vincent Andrunas)
Chris Pingree, Tamera Watt, Monique and David McCue, Toni Trucks, Leybelis Padilla (Vincent Andrunas)