SD Film Festival Oscar Viewing Party
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San Diego International Film Festival Oscar Viewing Party

Steve Cologne and Vicky Carlson (she’s SDIFF board chair), Barbara and Dr. Howard Milstein (SDIFF patrons; last year’s honorary co-chairs) (Vincent Andrunas)
Kat Ryan (president of the executive committee for SDIFF Ambassadors), Scott Robeson (listing agent for the event venue property) (Vincent Andrunas)
Vince Romeri (SDIFF patron), Kevin Leap (SDIFF co-founder), Patti Judd (SDIFF co-founder) and Bob Salt (Vincent Andrunas)
Kim Smart (her father designed the Oscar), Pamela Gardner, Sophia Alsadek (SDIFF VIP ambassador), Carrie Woodland (SDIFF ambassador) (Vincent Andrunas)
Brad Dyson, Bethany Cummins (both are SDIFF ambassadors) (Vincent Andrunas)
Fanny and Paul Durocher (Vincent Andrunas)
Janelle Panther, Moe Razi (Vincent Andrunas)
Fanny Durocher, Jacqueline Wilson (with Second Nature Catering) (Vincent Andrunas)
Kristi Pieper, Nicole Stone, Thomas Funke, Eliza Friedman (Vincent Andrunas)
Steven and Marina Smith (she’s an actress), Irina and Michael Fenison (Vincent Andrunas)
Sara Isgur (SDIFF ambassador), Bill Roskowski, Rachael Hueftle (Vincent Andrunas)
Duphemia Ng, Chef Bernard Guillas (Vincent Andrunas)
Silvija and Brian Devine (SDIFF patrons), Jessica Sweeney, Rae Lietzau (Vincent Andrunas)
Mark and Candice Powell (SDIFF honorary chairs), Tonya Mantooth (SDIFF co-founder/artistic director/CEO), Cindy Marten (SD Unified School District superintendant), Russ Sperling (SD Unified School District director of visual and performing arts) (Vincent Andrunas)
Rachel Helmer, Michael Esposito (Vincent Andrunas)
Mark Krenik (actor), Martin Alvillar (SAG/AFTRA San Diego local president) (Vincent Andrunas)