San Diego Symphony Opus Gala
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San Diego Symphony Opus Gala

Dr. Warren and Karen Kessler (he’s SDS board chair), Irwin and Joan Jacobs, June Shillman (gala chair), Martha and Bill Gilmer (she’s SDS CEO) (Vincent Andrunas)
David and Linda Slocum, Riley Mixson and Carol Young, Gwynn and Brian Thomas (Vincent Andrunas)
Beau and Chris Pingee, Jerry and Pam Cesak, Kathy Taylor, Terry Atkinson (Vincent Andrunas)
Lou and Penny Rosso, Kit and Karen Sickels, Evelyn and Bill Lamden (Vincent Andrunas)
Abe Liebhaber and Pei-Chun Tsai (she’s SDS violinist), Marlyse and Jeff Thayer (he’s SDS concertmaster) (Vincent Andrunas)
Ethan Pernela and Joanna Morrison (he’s an SDS musician), David Marchesani, Chialing Chien (SDS associate principal cello), P.J. Cinque (SDS bass player) (Vincent Andrunas)
James and Donna Gordon (Vincent Andrunas)
Miriam Summ, Gene Summ, Jo Ann Kilty (Vincent Andrunas)
Steve Pandis and Tricia Skye (she’s SDS third horn), John Wilds (SDS second trumpet), Jonathan Hoehne (SDS trumpet) (Vincent Andrunas)
Michael and Irina Fenison, Joanne and Dr. Steve Laverson (Vincent Andrunas)
Frank and Sheryl Renk (SDS clarinetists) (Vincent Andrunas)
Jennifer Lim, Andy Nahas, Marcia Bookstein (SDS cellist), Dr. David and Sabrina Bozzo (he’s SDS house doctor) (Vincent Andrunas)
David Bialis, Dr. Diana Breister (Vincent Andrunas)
Charlie and Maria Kraft (Vincent Andrunas)
Rebecca Matayoshi (SDS substitute violist), Marcel Gemperli (SDS acting violist), Diana Morgan (SDS principal piccolo) (Vincent Andrunas)
David and Linda Slocum, Mitchell Woodbury (past board chair, and honorary lifetime director), Carol Young and Riley Mixson (Vincent Andrunas)
Joann Laversen, Jeanne Larson (Vincent Andrunas)
Laurel McCrink, Raffaella Belanich, Joanne and Dr. Steve Laverson (Vincent Andrunas)
Don and Karen Cohn, Bob Caplan and Carol Randolph, Sheryl and Harvey White (Vincent Andrunas)
Joyce Gattas, Jay Jeffcoat, Colette Carson Royston and Dr. Ivor Royston, Shirley Hinckley, Phyllis Epstein (Vincent Andrunas)
David and Phyllis Snyder (he’s SDS board chair-elect), Mayor Kevin and Katherine Faulconer, Silvija and Brian Devine (Vincent Andrunas)
Jack McGrory and Una Davis, Sarah B. Marsh-Rebelo and John Rebelo, Shannon and Sameer Patel (he’s SDS associate conductor) (Vincent Andrunas)